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Mira Hot Tubs

Family-Fun Hot Tubs Built for Value and Gentle Relaxation

Mira Hot Tub Dealer in West Michigan - Zagers Pool and Spa of Holland and Grand Rapids

With a host of great features like LED lighting and waterfalls, your family is sure to enjoy a new Mira hot tub for years to come.

Take time to soak in the fun and reconnect with family every day!

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Browse our Mira Spas & Hot Tubs below to easily compare models, and check out the Spa & Hot Tub Buyer’s Guide for great tips on making the perfect choice.

Then, stop in to Zagers’ Mira Spa Showcase at the Jamestown, Holland and Grand Rapids Shaffer Stores to talk with an expert spa consultant.

We’re here to help you find the perfect hot tub at the perfect price!

Mira M-Series

Family fun spas built for value and gentle relaxation.

M9000NL 90" x 90" x 37" with Open Seating

  • 6-7Seating
  • 88Jets
  • 475Gallons

M800NL 90" x 90" x 37" with Open Seating

  • 6-7Seating
  • 62Jets
  • 475Gallons

M700NL 84" x 84" x 36.5" with Open Seating

  • 6Seating
  • 48Jets
  • 425Gallons
Mira Spas M600 at Zagers

M600 84" x 78" x 36.5" with Lounger Seat

  • 5-6Seating
  • 32Jets
  • 350Gallons
Mira Hot Tubs M500 at Zagers

M500 72" x 66" x 31" with Open Seating

  • 4-5Seating
  • 18Jets
  • 325Gallons
Mira Hot Tubs Trilogy at Zagers

M10500 (Trilogy) 83" x 66" x 33" with Lounger Seat

  • 3Seating
  • 38Jets
  • 300Gallons

M Swim Series

The M Swim Series features Mira Hot Tubs’ comprehensive swim spa line. A hybrid between a swimming pool and heated spa, our swim spas can be used year round for a variety of functions from exercising to relaxing. The 3-River Jet system features Waterway’s Variable Speed Distribution Unit providing even pressure and varying levels of difficulty for swim workouts.

M16000 191" x 90" x 55"

  • 4Seating
  • 32Jets
  • 2,000Gallons

M14000 168" x 90" x 55"

  • 4Seating
  • 29Jets
  • 1,750Gallons

M12000 140" x 90" x 55"

  • 3Seating
  • 27Jets
  • 1,400Gallons

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Spas and Hot Tubs for Sale in Grand Rapids and Holland MI at Zagers Pool and Spa

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