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Hot Tub Ozone Systems – Everything You Need to Know

An ozone system is a highly effective way to treat spa water, while reducing the amount of harsh chemicals needed. Ozone works by oxidizing the water and any contaminants that may be in it. While an ozone system can reduce the need for chemicals, ozone has a short half-life, meaning chemicals while still need to be added, just a smaller amount. Ozone systems are effective in oxidizing oils from sun block, lotion, hair spray and other additives. This article will outline the benefits of implementing an oxidizing system into your hot tub.

What is Oxidization?

In short, ozone is formed when two free oxygen atoms collide. There are essentially two different kinds of ozone generators, Ultra-Violet (UV) and Corona Discharge (CD). UV mimics sunlight, but the lamps tend to be costly and need to be replaced frequently. The CD method “zaps” the water as it passes through and offers a much more consistent, efficient method for treatment.

Ozone is a much stronger oxidizer of contaminates than normal oxygen because of the extra oxygen molecule it gains in the oxidation process. The main benefit to this process is that the ozone not only destroys microorganisms, it also breaks down harmful chemicals, and causes total dissolved solids to clump together for easier removal by the filter. This gives the spa water a clearer, cleaner and smoother feel.

The Benefits

One of the biggest pros of using an ozone system is the reduced need for chemicals. It also enhances the effectiveness of the chemicals by “freeing” them from containments, allowing them to be continuously reused. By using fewer chemicals, it helps reduce the chlorine/bromine chemical smell and feel that comes with using large amounts of these chemicals on a weekly basis. Ozone also helps remove bacteria, viruses, algae and yeast. As mentioned above, ozone breaks down tough oils and contaminants that chemicals cannot break down independently – contaminants such as lotions, soaps and deodorant.

Additional Tips

Another perk of using an ozone system is the extended life of the spa water. Most users can expect to change the spa water every 8-12 months versus every 3 months when using just chemicals. As far as running time, it is recommended to run the ozone system between 4 and 6 hours daily. Most ozone bulbs last for around 2 years – which gives it a cost-effective life. All in all, ozone systems provide a cost effective solution to treating and increasing the quality of the spa water.

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