Pool Safety for Pets

When summer heats up a lot families spend more free time outside by the pool. But what about Fido? Should you bring him along for the poolside fun?

Most experts say an occasional dip in the family pool is fine, but there are some things you should do keep your dog safe.

Pool Safety Tips for Dogs - Zagers Pool and Spa

Pool Safety: Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

Don’t let your pup soak for too long.

Chlorine can irritate your dog’s skin, so it’s best limit the amount of time spent soaking. Rinsing your dog off with fresh water after the pool will help to keep skin free from possible chemical sensitivity.

Teach your dog to swim.

Believe it or not, not all dogs know how to swim. If you’re unsure about your dog’s ability, start by filling a kiddie pool with water and see how he does. When you think he’s ready, take your dog in the shallow end of your pool and help him move his paws. Unsure of your ability to help your canine friend swim like a pro? A dog trainer can help with the basics if needed.

Provide a pool exit for your dog.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s important your dog knows how to get in and out of the pool to avoid exhaustion. Take the time to show him the exit and reinforce his ability to get himself out.

Be sure you can get your dog out of the pool.

It’s imperative that you are able to get your dog out of the pool if needed. If you’re not strong enough to lift him, it’s best he sit poolside.

Never leave you dog unsupervised.

Dogs can easily exhaust themselves while having fun in the pool. Always keep an eye on your best friend while swimming and never let him swim alone.

Consider a life vest.

We know, this sounds crazy to some, but dog life vests can come in handy for dogs who are unsure about the water and for owners who want extra piece of mind. Remember a life vest is not a substitute for the watchful eye of an owner – never leave your pet alone in the water.

Learn CPR for Dogs

We hope you never need to do CPR on your dog, but in the event of emergency, you’ll be glad you have this skill. Your local animal shelter or organization should be able to help you find a class on this. petmd.com provides a step-by-step guide to Pet CPR.


We hope these tips help you and your best friend enjoy your summer by the pool. Have a picture of your dog lounging in your pool? We’d love to see it! Please share below!

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