When is the Best Time to Open a Pool in Michigan?

After a long, cold, snowy winter, don’t sunny skies, warm temperatures and taking a dip in your swimming pool sound fabulous? If you’re already dreaming of relaxing on your favorite inflatable raft, inviting friends and family over, and watching your kids play with swim noodles, you might be wondering: When is the best time to open your pool in Michigan? Is March or April too early? May? Should you wait until June?

Interestingly, in Michigan, it’s not the month that matters! With respect to the best time to open your pool, it’s relatively consistent outside temperatures that are most important. Even though there’s not necessarily a best month to open your pool, there is a best time. If you jump the gun and open too early, you could end up with a big winter storm the following week. No one wants that experience! On the other hand, you don’t want to wait too long, either.

Historically, many West Michigan pool owners wait too long to open their pool—and end up with more algae and pollen problems because the water hasn’t been circulating. Perhaps we wait because our spring temperatures are so variable. Perhaps it’s because we’re still thawing from a long winter. Regardless of the “why,” we definitely recommend opening your pool as soon as it’s feasible.

So when is the best time to open your pool? A good rule of thumb is to check your grass and the leaves on the trees—if they’re starting to turn green, it’s time to open your pool! Generally speaking, things start greening up when daytime temps are consistently around 70º (and the nighttime temperatures aren’t freezing!).

Another GREAT reason to open your pool in Michigan sooner rather than later is that spring and summer weather in Michigan is notoriously unpredictable. It can be a cool 70º one day and a hot 87º the next. When the inevitable temperature spike occurs, you’ll be thrilled that your pool is ready to go and so will your friends and family. Time for a spontaneous pool party!

As you get ready to open your in-ground or above ground pool, keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be a stressful process. Advanced planning can help things go smoothly. Be sure to read our blog post about How to Open Your Above Ground Pool, keeping in mind that many of those steps apply to in-ground pools as well.

Remember that Zagers is always ready to assist you. Our trained pool service professionals can answer your questions or even handle opening your pool for you. Our swimming pool opening services for in-ground pools and above ground pools include:

·       Removing and cleaning your pool cover

·       Hooking-up and turning on pump, filter & heater (if installed)

·       Adding start-up chemicals

·       Re-installing railings, ladders

We can also provide the following services for an additional fee:

·       Pump water off the cover

·       Repair your pump or filter

·       Bring out additional supplies or chemicals

·       Remove leaf net

If you’re considering having us open your pool, you’re not alone! Our schedule for opening swimming pools fills quickly once the weather warms up. Check for pool opening services availability as soon as possible. Then get ready to enjoy a summer full of fun, creating memories with friends and family, and, of course, relaxing on that inflatable raft!

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