Everything You Need to Know About a Swim Spa

To put it simply, a swim spa is an endless swimming pool. It provides the exercise of a full size swimming pool, in the convenient size of a spa. Swim spas are the perfect option if you’re looking to get the aerobic benefits of a swimming pool, with cost and space savings in mind. This article will detail what exactly a swim spa is, as well as offer a few benefits to owning.

What is a Swim Spa?

A swim spa is a pool that allows you to swim against the current. It almost acts as a “water treadmill” that keeps the user stationary, while providing an excellent workout. This also eliminates the need to turn, or push of the pool wall.

Different Types of Swim Spas

There are a few different options when it comes to choosing a swim spa.

  • Molded “In-Ground” Shell

One of the most popular options is the molded swim spa. Usually these are made of an acrylic based substance and tend to be more cost effective. They offer a good variety of placement options and are easy to install.

  • Portable “Self-Contained”

These are pre-built “out of the box” swim spas. A huge plus with these models is that they are not fixed. The portable swim spas can be moved, with caution, to varying locations based on your needs. Recently, these have become the most popular option as they offer portability with a cost conscious price tag.

  • Modular

Because of its modular build, this unit has the flexibility to be installed indoors or outdoors. It also comes with a wide variety of shapes – as well as length, width and depth. Another bonus of this style of swim spa is the customizability. Customers can choose not only the different features, but the actual size and shape of it as well. It can be 100% custom.

  •  “Fast-Lane”

While not a true swim spa, this add-on is becoming increasingly popular. What the “fast-lane” does is add a jet to an existing pool, if compatible. It can be fitted to most in-ground or above

ground pools assuming the pump power is sufficient.


In the future more articles will detail the pros and cons of the swim spas mentioned above. In short, if space and budget are limited but you still want some of the advantages of a full size pool, give swim spas a try.


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