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The Benefits of Hiring Out Pool Maintenance

Let’s get one thing out of way, right off the bat: Regular pool maintenance is crucial. It requires weekly time and attention, and you can’t let it lapse. Some homeowners enjoy the maintenance, others assign the work to their kids (we see you, you smart cookies), and those who don’t want to take any chances hire it out to professionals.

A pool is a big investment, so it’s logical – essential, really – to take care of it. The same way you shouldn’t let your home or your car fall into disrepair, your pool deserves your attention to make sure it stays safe and lasts as long as it possibly can.

No matter where you live a pool needs weekly maintenance. But here in Michigan, where the climate only allows us to use our pools from late spring to as far into fall as we can possible stretch it, we also need to open the pool at the beginning of the season and close it at the end. This takes time, money, and knowledge.

Why might you want to hire a professional? Here are some of the best reasons:

Time Savings

A pool needs to be serviced at least once a week. This involves chemical tests (chlorine, pH, calcium, alkalinity, and stabilizer) and making sure everything is where it needs to be. The pump and pump basket have to be cleaned, the filter pressure needs to be checked, and routine vacuuming and surface skimming are essential.

While most people can handle these tasks, on average it takes up to an hour every week to properly maintain a pool. Balancing chemicals can be difficult to master even for veteran pool owners.

A professional, however, can complete all these tasks, and do so with complete confidence so that you can focus on your family. You get the peace of mind of knowing everything is the way it should be, and your pool stays pristine all summer.

Even homeowners who mean well can get behind, or forget to clean the pool from time to time. Just one or two slip-ups can cause algae growth and turn the pool green. Forgetting to clean the pump basket from debris can cause decreased water flow and filtration and even burn out your pump motor. Cartridge filters require soaking in a cleaning solution, while sand and DE filters need to be backwashed to work optimally.

With a professional scheduled every week, you can simply enjoy your pool anytime knowing that everything is clean and running effectively.

Hiring a professional pool maintenance service means more time to relax!

Extended Equipment Life

Professionals know exactly what to look for when checking on a pool and its equipment. While completing the weekly maintenance tasks, they’ll make sure there are no issues that could turn into big problems later. And, if they do find something concerning, they’ll catch it early, and you can take care of it before it becomes a disastrous or expensive problem. For example, low PH can wreak havoc on heaters, stripping out the copper in short order. Also, high concentrations of chlorine can impact the longevity of vinyl liners.

With the substantial investment you have into your pool, you should get as much out of it as you can.

The Cost is Lower Than You Might Think

When you consider the effort, time, and expertise involved in keeping your pool clean, and the water healthy and balanced, the cost of hiring it out is more than reasonable. At Zagers, we charge $80 per week for maintenance (plus the cost of chemicals). Request pool maintenance services from Zagers today, and let us take work off your shoulders this summer!

Your pool should primarily be a source of enjoyment for you and your family—not a drain on your time and energy. Hiring a professional for your pool maintenance can not only give you the peace of mind everything is in working order and will last a long time, but also let you relax and enjoy your pool.

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