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The Basics of a Gas Grill

Summertime and grilling go hand and hand. Nothing compliments a pool party better than a tasty spread of hamburgers, brats and hotdogs. With nearly 75% of U.S. households owning a grill, it’s clearly a popular way to prepare food. Gas and charcoal are essentially the two options when it comes to recreational grilling. This article will give insight and helpful information on the benefits/features of a gas grill, the advantages over a charcoal system, and how to use a propane grill when cooking for the family this summer.

The Gas Grill

Gas grills are much more complicated than the typical charcoal grill. While charcoal systems have three main components, gas grills have at least six. Most all gas powered grills use propane as their source of fuel. Propane provides a clean burn and is readily available almost anywhere. Natural gas is also an option, but requires connection to gas main, such as a house. Another advantage of propane over natural gas is its energy potential. In short, propane can burn much hotter than natural gas. Gas grills pride themselves on convenience and control. You can perfectly adjust the flame height and temperature on each burner, and simply turn the burner off when you’re done cooking. This allows for multi-zone cooking, making it easier to prepare different foods on the same grill, at the same time.

Simple Steps to Light a Gas Grill

  • Step One: Check the propane tank levels. Make sure there is enough propane in the tank to cook on for however long necessary. Also adjust the lava rocks, if you have them. Generally speaking, you want an even layer across the bottom of the grill ensuring that none of the rocks are in contact with the grill grate.
  • Step Two: With the grill lid open, turn the propane valve clockwise to start propane flow to the burners. It is important to make sure the burners are in the OFF position BEFORE turning the gas on. Please keep in mind that if the ignition is on the right side of the grill, the burner on the left side of the grill should be started first, and vice-versa.
  • Step Three: Put the burners on a low heat setting and press the ignition switch until the burners are lit.
  • Step Four: Once the burners are lit, adjust heat accordingly.


Gas grills (propane) are rapidly becoming the more popular grill choice versus charcoal. Most of this is due to the fact that gas grills require less maintenance, are easy to use, and have a lasting, renewable heat source. One last huge benefit of the gas grill over charcoal is its customizability. Many grills today come with side burners, side tables, rotisserie racks, and storage shelves.

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