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Saltwater Purification Systems – What’s the Big Deal?

Today’s hot tubs are more customizable than ever.  This gives the spa owner great options when it comes to choosing a method of sanitization. Saltwater Purification Systems (SPS) generate small amounts of sanitizer in a natural, nearly chemical-free fashion. They are able to do this by using salt. SPS are often considered excellent alternatives to the classic bromine and chlorine systems that most hot tub owners use.  While it seems too good to be true, SPS can provide the same clean and clear water, without all of the chemicals. This article will discuss how an SPS works, as well as the many benefits of owning one.

Salt Water Purification System Operation

Through a controlled, automated process in a low-current electrolysis cell, chlorination is generated in the perfect amount to sanitize the spa. As saltwater passes through the cell, a low-voltage current travels between metal plates, producing pure chlorine (Cl). While this is using a low-voltage current, don’t worry, it’s completely safe. In the spa water, the chlorine becomes hypochlorous acid (HOCl), which is its sanitary, disinfecting form.  A huge plus of the system operating in this manner is that the water almost never needs to be changed. Once the hypochlorous acid is used up, it is recycled back into salt water and the process continues. The only time water would need to be added to the spa is if there was splash out. This leads to a very economical and efficient way to sanitize a spa.

The Benefits

When most people think of salt-water, they think of the extremely strong taste and the tendency to corrode metal pool equipment. Ocean water is roughly 35,000 ppm in salinity. Typical spa system salinity is about 2,500 ppm.  At these levels, equipment is not at risk, and the salt taste is not even recognizable.

Here are a few other benefits:

  • Low maintenance – significantly less water change over
  • Little to no odor – eco friendly
  • Much more gentle and soft on skin and hair – unlike chlorine and bromine
  • Reduced eye irritation
  • Noticeably smoother and softer feeling water
  • Cost effective and low operating cost
  • Safe for pool and spa equipment (metal)
  • Less chloramine formations

While Salt Water Purification Systems aren’t entirely chemical free, since salt is a chemical, it still offers the best alternative to traditional spa sanitizing solutions. With cost-effective and low maintenance features, a SPS is one of the best sanitization options on the market today.

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