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Buyer’s Guide

Help Choosing Your Perfect Spa

So, you’ve started looking around at hot tubs and spas. There are so many!

It’s okay to be overwhelmed and downright confused about everything. There’s so much industry jargon, too many options that sound similar and so many different brands.

Don’t Worry, You Have Zagers!

The Spa Buyer’s Guide below is a quick guide to help you figure out your needs first and make hot tub shopping easy!

We’ve been selling and servicing hot tubs for over 50 years and help you choose the right spa at the perfect price.

After you get your bearings, visit our Jacuzzi and Mira Hot Tubs Showcases at the Grand Rapids Shaffer Street, Holland or Jamestown Stores or the Dimension One Spa Showcase at our Grand Rapids Fuller Street Location.

Talk with an expert spa consultant at any of the 5 Zagers locations in West Michigan.

Spa Buyer's Guide

Ask yourself these questions, and you’ll be well on your way to picking the perfect spa.

How will you use a spa?

When it comes to spa use, there are 2 basic categories: family fun and hydrotherapy.

Most people want both and that’s fine.

There are many models that do a great job of balancing room for the family, and hydrotherapy options for your aches and pains.

How much space do you have for a spa?

Think about where you will put the spa in your home or backyard. How much space do you need?

Where will it fit and can it be easily installed in that space? Be sure to consider enough room to get in and out easily, as well as any landscaping or decking in the surrounding area. 

Also be sure that you can easily access the pumps and other mechanical components in the space you choose.

How many people will use your hot tub?

Is it just for you and a significant other to relax and rejuvenate? Or will your whole family use it?

Thinking of inviting over friends? Then make sure you get one large enough to accommodate a party!

Browse hot tubs by size: 2-3 Person, 4-5 Person or 6+ People

Which type of seats do you prefer?

Each type of spa offers different types of seats. From barrier-free, open seating for a group, to personalized massage loungers and more, the seating options are virtually endless.

Where do you carry stress?

Depending on where you experience tension, aches and pains, there are jet placements to target those areas with advanced hydrotherapy.

Do you need deep back massage? Is your neck aching and tense?

Selecting the right type of jets, in the right places will ensure you get the most relief.

How long do you want to own the spa?

Although most people say ‘forever’, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, it’s more of a short-term investment until the kids are grown. There are spas at every price point to fit your needs.

Which extra features will make it perfect?

Once you have the basics, you can add features that will make your spa perfect!

From multi-colored waterfalls to blue-tooth stereos, vibrant LED lighting to comfortable head rests, the options are nearly endless.

There, Isn't That Better?

Now you know what to look for in a spa, based on what you want! Shopping around will be easier, but browsing the selection at Zagers should be your first step.

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Choosing the perfect spa at the perfect price is easy with Zagers

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