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Hot Tub Fitness Moves For Everyone

If physical exercise on dry land is painful for your body due to age, stature or medical condition, a hot tub may the perfect workout tool for you. Movements under water provide a low impact fitness alternative for muscles and joints making exercise possible for everyone. Here’s a quick guide to some popular hot tub fitness moves that get you on the fast track to heath.

These exercises can be used for gentle exercise or intense interval training. Many movements are completed in a repetitive circuit and can be done without any additional equipment.


Virtually any traditional stretch can be performed in your hot tub, provided it’s equipped with a shallow platform.  Move slowly and smoothly through the water as you let the heat loosen your muscles and perform several sets of your basic leg, arm and ab stretches before and after your hot tub workout.

Leg, Hip, and Arm Lifts

The hot tub can be an ideal place to perform joint movements, easing aches and pains and toning your legs and arms at the same time. For legs and hips, try balancing your body on your hands and hold your legs straight in front of you. Lift and hold them in position for 3 seconds at a time, building up to longer intervals as you go. Try lifting your knees upwards and stretching them in front of you in a circular motion. Hold your legs out to the sides as well to strengthen your hips and side body.

Arm lifts can be done with or without weights, depending on the desired level of intensity. Some exercises simply involve lifting your arms in front of you, holding them in position and returning them to your sides. You may also try lifting them to your sides. From either of these positions, you can move your arms in circles, trying alternate speeds for different levels of intensity.

Bicycle Kicks

For a great aerobic exercise, suspend your legs in the water and kick them in a pedaling motion. The water provides resistance for your muscles to work against, but with a low level of impact on your joints. For an added challenge, keep your legs suspended in the water and reverse the direction of your pedaling before sitting down to rest.

Ab Exercises

Try beginning with a light breathing exercise by taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly as you concentrate on contracting your abs. You may also like to do something more movement intensive, like sitting in a rocking position on your glutes, leaning back slightly, and pulling your knees to your chest before stretching them out again. If you’re able to adjust the depth of the water by using a platform, you can also try holding your body in a push-up position for short increments of time, increasing the length as you feel able.

Squats and Lunges

Exercises that require balance can be done with ease in a hot tub due to the buoyancy of the surrounding water. For squats, simply stand in the middle of your hot tub, extend your arms in front of you, and slowly bend your knees and lower your body into a sitting position. Remain in that position for three to ten seconds before standing and repeat the move as many time as you would like.

For lunges, stand in the middle of the hot tub, take a large step forward and lower your body until you’re submerged up to your shoulders or until your knee is almost touching the ground.  You should be able to feel your hamstring being stretched. Stand up and repeat the move as many times as you feel comfortable. Remember, if you’re having trouble balancing, you can lift your arms in front of you or to your sides for extra help.

Remember, no matter what part of the body you are focusing on, the key to hot tub fitness moves is repetitive movement. Try to begin with a simple workout routine and perform several repetitions, adjusting as you (and your doctor or trainer) feel appropriate.


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