Outdoor Patio Furniture Trends of 2019

Gray still reigns.

For years, the interior and exterior of homes was filled with neutral browns and beiges. Gray made its debut a few years ago and quickly became THE popular color of choice for outdoor furniture. It’s not going anywhere! Check out Zagers’ gorgeous gray modern outdoor dining and sofa sets – they’re durable, beautiful, and continue to be our hottest sellers.

Jolee Dining Set (7 or 9 Pc) & Athena 6 Pc Circular Sofa Set

…But Don’t be Afraid of Pops of Color!

If you like the look of bold colors, using them on your patio or deck is the perfect way to stand out and have a little fun. Embrace what coastal Carolinians have known for ages and go with oranges, reds, and brilliant blues. These bold colors provide a wonderful pop of color and are a great accent to your deck and siding.

Ariana 5 Pc Chat Set & Aztec 6 Pc Sofa Set w/ fire table

Fire Tables

Fire tables are hot—literally and figuratively! There are few moments better than those spent gathered around a fire on a cool Michigan evening. Now you can enjoy the warmth and glow of a fire table without that smoky campfire smell. Almost all of our outdoor sofa sets include a popular fire table, adding a fun, trendy element that’s also functional. As an added bonus, the warmth your fire table emits will allow you to extend the outdoor season a bit. Enjoy the fresh air even when it’s brisk, from the early Spring to the late Fall.

Dual Purpose

What’s better than beautiful, comfy outdoor furniture? The kind that has hidden storage! It’s like discovering a secret pocket you didn’t know you had. Instead of worrying about where you’ll keep your towels, blankets, and other outdoor goodies, check out Zagers’ great selection of accent tables with storage. You’ll never go searching for your favorite outdoor blanket again!

Athena 5 Pc Sofa Set w/ fire table

Low Maintenance Options

We’re all busy. Life happens and whether it’s work, hobbies, or time spent with family and friends, low-maintenance patio furniture is a must! There are few things worse than planning an outdoor gathering only to realize at the last minute that your furniture cushions are soaked. Or having a guest drop something on your glass top table and watching it crack. Get rid of the worry. Zagers has your solution!

Cast aluminum tables. These tables are a fabulous investment that look beautiful, can endure the ever-changing Michigan weather, and are super durable. There are no glass or Plexiglas surfaces that might break and require replacement. Cast aluminum tables are very sturdy and can withstand the elements. Yes, your initial investment is a little more, but these beautiful tables stand the test of time.

Aztec Dining Set w/ Extension Table (9 Pc or 11 Pc)

Chairs and Chaise lounges.
Families on the go don’t want to take the time to cover patio furniture or remove cushions during rainstorms. A fantastic alternative is woven wicker or sling seats. One sentence: Comfort without cushions! Cast aluminum chairs with sling material can handle getting wet, and because there’s no stuffing, they dry quickly. (They’re comfy too!) Sturdy woven wicker seats and backs, are also very comfortable and easy to dry. With a quick wipe of a towel, you’re back to entertaining!

L to R: Trinity Swivel Rocker (sling), Aztec Swivel Rocker, Aztec Chaise Lounge

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